Marvel is the highest Brokaw son available.
Pictured at 10 months
PTAT +3.70!
PTA +1.53FLC +3.01UDC
GTPI +2133 - A2/A2 - EU qualified
MARVEL is a Brokaw x Scenery-View Marsha x Scenery-View Martha Mae (both pictured below)
Brokaw x VG-87 Bradnick x VG-85 Explode x VG-85 Titanic x EX-90-GMD-DOM Mtoto x EX Rudolph x 3E-95 Lead Mae!
Marvel is now available Worldwide!!
Full sister 1-11 VG-85 VG-MAM

Vet checks are in and it has been reported that Marvel is an Excellent Fertility bull!! Semen Available Through AllStar Genetics!

From the same family as Marvel, The #1 Proven Type Bull in Italy, Go-Farm Royal Eudon-ET, +3.34T!

MARVEL is the best Brokaw son available!
His semen can be shipped worldwide!
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Also, Check out this ad on Marvel in the
November NY Holstein News


Born: 9-5-14

From the Leadman Mae Family!

  • Completes 3 generations of the Scenery-View Prefix!
  • Semen Available Through AllStar Genetics!

Sire: Mr Atwood Brokaw-ET

Dam: Scenery-View Marsha-ET VG-88 EX-MAM Second Calf

107 lbs 3.7 fat 3.1 protein
Sired by Bradnick and 2 months fresh, she completes 12 generations VG or EX

Marsha, sired by Bradnick, recently freshened with a tremendous Camelot dtr.!

Marvel's Full Sister!

Scenery-View Maris-ET
She has an *RC Defiant calf with 3.09 Type

2nd Dam : Scenery-View Martha Mae-ET VG-87

Martha Mae has a Capitol Gain granddaughter GTPI +2454 PTAT +3.04 we are currently flushing.
3rd Dam: Crockett-Acres T Ellymae-ET VG-85
4th Dam: Crockett-Acres Mtot Elly-ET EX-90 GMD DOM
Next dams EX Rudolph x 3E-95 GMD-DOM Lead Mae x VG-89 DOM Blackstar Monica

Whittier-Farms Lead Mae Family!






VG-88@3 Yr-4 months EX-91-MS
Born: 4-5-14

+2509 GTPI
From the Leadman Mae Family!

Elyse by Tango,her first three granddaughters genomed 2846,27771,2711

  • Many more to come

Sire: Mr Welcome Hill Tango-ET

Dam: Scenery-View Eileen-ET VG-85, VG-MS

  • 2 Windbrook maternal Sisters, VG-85-2y & VG-86-2y

Eileen's maternal sister Scenery-View Vixon VG-86
(pictured above)
2nd Dam: Wabash-Way Shot Eliza-ET VG-88
3rd Dam: Wabash-Way Bolton Elyse-ET VG-88 GMD DOM
4th Dam: Crockett-Acres Mtot Elly-ET EX-90 GMD DOM
Next dams EX Rudolph x 3E-95 GMD-DOM Lead Mae x VG-89 DOM Blackstar Monica

Whittier-Farms Lead Mae Family!




Owned by Ruth Franzer, Coldwater, OH

Crockett-Acres Bettyjean-ET VG-88

  • Bettyjean has a 2662 Silver daughter we are currently flushing
  • Bettyjean also has a Marvel son 3.77T 3.19UDC 2.28FLC
  • She is from a VG McCuthen 2yr..

Sire: Flevo Genetics Snowman-ET
Dam: Butz-Butler Gold Brenda-ET
2nd Dam: Regancrest Brasilia-ET 2E-92 DOM
3rd Dam: Regancrest-PR Barbie-ET EX-92 GMD DOM
Next 5 dams EX!

Full sister to Bonnie’s Dam:

Butz-Butler Gold Barbara-ET EX-92
3-time Winner at WDE!

Celia Red

She is vg 88 EX-MS 2yr
She has a Silver Polled RC daughter 2501 gtpi 3.29 type that we will start flushing in Nov.s

She also has a Polled RC Helix daughter 2524 gtpi

Sire: Ladd-P

Dam: Scenery-View Carmen-RED-ET VG-85 2 yr

Gr'Dam: Scenery-View Camile-ET was raised to EX-92 in April late 3rd lactation.
Camile went EX right at 4 years of age. SHE IS SAFE IN CALF TO MARVEL.
3rd Dam: Scenery-View B G Cavita-ET VG-87
4th Dam: Scenery-View Bwmar Catlin EX-90 DOM


Scenery View Farm has bred 28 Homebred Excellents Over 9 Years!